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In the diversity of your personal and artistic expression. 

Singing is great, and everyone has the ability to do it. No matter if beginner, professional or enthusiastic layman. A voice brings out the inner workings of a person and can thus be understood as an immediate personal expression. Singing makes a person round. It balances the emotions and has a positive effect on well-being.
Studies have shown that regular singing increases life expectancy by up to 15 years. For that alone, it should be worth it.
about our unique tools to keep their voice powerful and flexible. Even with heavy use, your voice should not show any signs of fatigue. And if it does, let us instruct you on how to regenerate your voice within minutes.
Breathing training

Breathing training

As a basis for healthy voice development, individual breath training guarantees the expansion of capacity many times over.
Voice training

Voice training

According to physiological aspects, a lifelong singing enables even in stressful situations.


An important tool to be able to act authentically and free of fear in any performance situation.
My Approach

Is the development of voice and personality

based on physiological processes. Only in this way there are no limits to the development and evolution of your voice. Discover the magic of effortlessness.


Conclusion: Integrative Voice Training

It was born out of the need and necessity to create a modern and holistic system for training voices.
The basic principles are easy to understand.

Set high from the start.

After the appearance of "Voice - Mirror of My Self", old methods of voice development began to falter. Singing as a process of self-awareness was something absolutely new. The next steps consisted in the realization:

    • Breathing is a dynamic and individual event.
    • Voices are developed in an individual manner.
    • The principles apply equally to instrumentalists.
    • The voice is healing by its very nature.

Integrative voice training was developed according to these principles. It offers many singers, speakers, and instrumentalists an effective way to put their technique on a healthy and physiological basis, so that they can deal with job-related difficulties in a timely and effective manner.

The method is transferable to all singing styles and can be seen as a basis for increased performance,


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