Breathing Types and Integrative Voice Training

Online Training for Voice Trainers, Voice Therapists and Speech Therapists.

This advanced training provides the basics of working with Breath Types in theory and practice and is an extension of the work of voice trainers, voice therapists and speech therapists. Understanding individual breathing and performance processes enables a targeted approach to voice development and the treatment of voice problems. The direct reference to the participants' working environment enables a deeper understanding of the situation of the students or clients.

The programme includes:

  • Theory of the principle of breathing types
  • Possibilities and limitations of calculation
  • Breathing
    • Anatomy and physiology of breathing
    • Respiration and pH regulation
    • Rest and performance breathing
    • Diaphragm functions and respiratory observations
  • The Body
    • Body zones
    • Types & Temperaments
    • Atypical behaviour and function
    • Expansion and contraction types
    • Types of learning & transfer of knowledge
    • Tension & relaxation (where and how?)
    • Question marks & ambivalence
  • The voice
    • Vocal basics and exercises
    • Dealing with voice problems

All topics can be tailored to the participants working environment. There will be ample opportunity to discuss concrete situations from everyday work with students or clients.


Location: Individual online meetings via Zoom

Duration: 7 sessions of 2 hours each (dates by arrangement)

Investment: 1,200 Euros

Registration or questions directly to