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Since more than 30 years we cooperate with organisations in the fields of labour, business & culture.  The need of promoting and developing the voice as an extraordinary factor in the process of communication comes more and more into focus. Take advantage of our unique offers.
Ak Wien   Younion die Daseinsgewerkschaft   European String Teacher Association  European Trade Union Institute  European Voice Teacher Association  Freies Musikzentrum München  Glarner Singverein  Privatuniversität Wien  Europäischer Tourismus Verband  Theater Heilbronn  Naturhistorisches Museum Wien  Musikuniversität Dresden  Workshop HannoverMusikuniversität Mannheim  Universität Halle  VÖGB  Radio Sol  Restaurant Wrenkh  Brauerei Puntigamer   Tanz und Theater Werkstatt  VokalSommerAkademie

 Furthermore Congress-Speeches, Seminars und Academies in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, The Netherlands, France, Italy & Greece.

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